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Go to Debt Review

Debt Review

We will assess your personal situation and restructure your debt to help you have more money to live on each month.

Go to Debt Administration

Debt Administration

With no up-front cost to you, this is the quickest way to get your debt under control if you have less than R50 000 in debt.

Go to Debt Advice

Debt Advice

If you’re not sure what the best way forwards is, we can advise you. With nearly a decade of experience, there is very little we haven’t seen and helped with.

Don't make the mistake of waiting too long. Seek help with your Debt now!

About Consolidated Debt Solutions KZN

Helping Over-indebted Consumers Since 2005
We Achieve Succes in Reducing Your Debt!

Consolidated Debt Solutions has been in operation since the early days of the National Credit Act. We have assisted thousands of people and their families, helping them improve their quality of life.

We offer a full range of debt assistance solutions, including Debt Review, Debt Adminstration, and Business Rescue.

We also have our own team of legal experts that are able to ensure that the law works for you!

  • We pride ourselves in finding the optimal solution to reducing your debt repayments and can claim an almost 100% success rate in this regard

  • With over a decade of experice we know what will be accepted by the courts and credit providers when we restructure your debt. This gives us the edge and almost no rejections.

  • We strive to reduce your repayments by as much as possible. By extending the term, negotiating lower interest rates, and ensureing correct outstanding balances are reflected, we drive down your monthly repayments.

  • We have seen it all. The stress, the worry, the fear of losing everything. Our clients come to us in a state of dispair, but leave with relief.

If you are not sure what do, contact us for free advice!

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